Backup scare

Posted by: mjt 4 months, 1 week ago
Once upon a time a host was booted. It was the host this site runs on. There was a slight downtime, lost my IRC for a while but all else appeared good. That is until I checked my email. Tons of automated errors. The site runs Mezzanine, based on Django, which is good with this stuff. The site was broken. More precisely the SQLite file with all the site content was broken.

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Importing SMS's into Jolla, the tale of an app

Posted by: mjt in Jolla 5 months, 3 weeks ago
It came to pass I wanted to import my text messages from the n900 to the Jolla. There was a project in progress, Harmattan-SMS-Boat but I don't think it was complete enough at the time. Also it looked like a CLI app; I'd prefer to use the Jolla as a common end user and not do hacking when it comes to the actual app. Therefore I decided to make my own. Here it is: jolla-morse.

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Jolla experiences

Posted by: mjt 6 months, 3 weeks ago
People tend to ask about what the Jolla feels like as a phone. Some of them are skeptical about the new kid on the block and some have read bad reviews. It seems quite few have a definite positive image in their minds, while most don't know at all. To me that's wrong.

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My new phone

Posted by: mjt in Jolla 7 months ago
The Jolla is finally here! It took a while, though. There was a slight sense of disappointment having paid the non-refundable pre-order part and having the device hit the stores before the pre-order people got theirs. Logistics aren't always easy and I'm sure it's no one's fault really, but still.

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Programmer Anarchy on the Road to Serfdom

Posted by: mjt in Coding Philosophy 1 year, 7 months ago
There's this OG coder named Fred George. I hadn't heard about him before and chances are, neither have you. He doesn't have a Wikipedia page and even if he did, I wouldn't write about him but about his talk. This guy, I'll give him the street name OG FG, lays down grade-Ⓐ wisdom. The talk is embedded here, and should probably be watched, though I'll write about what my experiences are with companies turning into States.

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